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Custom All-Over Shirt Printing – Los Angeles, CA 323-433-0033

Custom All-Over Shirt Printing – Los Angeles, CA 323-433-0033

Custom Full Color All-Over Apparel

About The Process
Dye sublimation printing is a full color, full-coverage printing technique. Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto your apparel using heat and pressure. The dye particles convert into gas — known as sublimation — where they bond to the polyester fibers. Unlike screen printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric for a fantastic, soft-to-the-hand feel.

Your Creativity has no limits; express yourself with dye sublimation printing. Create unique, wearable, custom pieces of art adorned with your passion, your imagination, or your cat (we’re not here to judge)! No color limitations to restrict your design and the ability to print all over the shirt, the entire shirt.

Custom All-Over Shirts
Custom all-over shirts are the best way to highlight even the most intricate of designs. The whole shirt is your blank canvas to express your creativity, so turn simple t-shirts, rash guards and tank tops into customized reflections of your brightest ideas. Each design is individually all-over printed on a soft fabric that yields vibrant and durable colors.

Design Your Own All-Over Print Shirt
Sometimes a simple print on a shirt is just not enough, so don’t miss an opportunity to design your own all-over print shirt. When it comes to all-over print shirts (tees, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts), your unique design is all-overs printed on a fabric, which is then precision-cut and sewn by hand. Then it’s shipped to you, and you can show off your own unique all-over print shirt that you’ve designed yourself.

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