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1801GD – 6.5oz Garment Dye Crew Neck T-Shirt-https://losangelesapparel.net/products/1801gd-6-5oz-garment-dye-crew-neck-t-shirt-limited-edition?variant=30879380111422

Comfort Basics. Women. Men. Unisex. Made in South Central, Los Angeles by employees earning fair wages, using sustainable innovation, domestically sourced cottons to make long lasting, high quality garments that will become closet staples. Los Angeles Apparel is a living wage based manufacturer operating out of South Central, Los Angeles. We currently employ approximately 1000 workers and are growing every day. We leverage art, design, and technology to advance our business. We are adding new styles and colors every week. Please check our website: https://losangelesapparel.net #fairwage #sustainable #innovation #ethicalmanufacturing #lastingquality #madeinusa

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