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Custom Designed Closets

Custom Designed Closets

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To celebrate the grand opening of our newest branch in San Francisco, 
Closets Doors and Beyond would like to announce a limited time only sale beginning 
April 2010, of up to 50% OFF on all doors.

The Customer Service Plus team at Closets Doors and Beyond is dedicated to helping Architects, Contractors, Decorators, and of course ordinary home owners achieve their dreams of a custom designed closet. We take pride in our exceptional customer service team and we are also very proud to announce that you will find our products to be priced at affordable prices for everyone. All of our closets are built using only the safest and highest quality products available on the market today so that your home remains safe and hazard free. We have one of the very few in-house inspection teams available to us and also an exceptional assembly team. Both are responsible for all of our products and quality control inspections.

Our designs are crea