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The EASIEST way to EMBROIDER a left-chest logo

The EASIEST way to EMBROIDER a left-chest logo

In this episode of our Embroidery 101 series, Willy shows you how to perfectly place and embroider a left-chest logo on a polo with a Ricoma embroidery machine. He’ll cover the entire process from start to finish: from placement and hooping techniques to choosing the right stabilizer and finally, the actual embroidery. Left-chest logos on polos are a highly requested item for many embroiderers, and knowing how to create them will bring in customers and raise profits.

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For this project, you’ll need:
A polo shirt
Mighty Hoop Starter Kit
Embroiderer’s Helper – Template Aid
Embroidery transfer pen
Cutaway Stabilizer

When choosing your blank garments, remember to consider both quality and affordability.

The Mighty Hoop Starter Kit allows you to accurately place your hoop every time when you’re hooping t-shirts, polos, jackets, and more. It’s great for repeat orders or items with the same design placement, like left-chest logos. If you don’t have this attachment, you can still easily hoop your garments with the standard hoops that come with your Ricoma embroidery machine.
The embroiderer’s helper tool is also great for positioning embroidery for right and left chest logos.
Or you can use the embroidery transfer pen to mark your garments for embroidery or placement. The pen has a non-permanent blue ink that comes off with a damp cloth and cold water.

Method #1: Eye-Balling It

Grab the worksheet, cut out the design, and place it on the left chest area. Tape the design down and place the bottom hoop and stabilizer in the shirt. Then, use your fingers to press down to see where the hoop is. After that, line up the four guidelines in the hoop with the guidelines on the design and press the top hoop down onto the bottom hoop.

Method #2: Water-Erasable Pen

Grab a ruler, measure six inches vertically from the top of the shirt and mark it. Then, measure four inches horizontally from where the buttons are and mark it. Draw two lines from the marks you made and line up those lines with the guidelines in the hoop. When measuring for a logo for a women’s shirt, measure 5-7 inches vertically and 4-6 inches horizontally. For men’s shirts, measure 7-9 inches vertically and 4-6 inches horizontally.

Method #3: Embroidery Helper

This template gives you instructions on where to place it. Place the latch next to the first button and line it up with the other buttons. Find the shirt size on the helper and mark where it says to. Then, make the other lines.

Method #4: The HoopMaster

This is the most expensive and easiest method. This product consists of the main guide where you thread your shirt, the mighty hoop guide, and the mighty hoop. Place the bottom part of the hoop into the station, open the stabilizer holders, place the stabilizer, and close the holder. Then thread your shirt through the station, place the top hoop on the bracket and press down.

After you’ve placed the hoop into the machine, go to your panel, choose your design, choose your hoop, set your colors, and lock the machine. Then, press the trace button, set your speed, and press Start.

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